At Chermside Family Dental we love supporting our local Chermside and Northside Brisbane community. In 2017 Chermside Family Dental will again be partnering with and supporting a local sporting club: the Kedron Wavell Wolves Hockey Club ( This fantastic club is a busy one in our local area with many junior and senior players. Not to mention a very successful club with some mighty talented players!

We are looking forward to how Chermside Family Dental can again support the Kedron Wavell Wolves in 2017. We are running a special on custom mouthguards for all members of the Club. Mention your membership of Kedron Wavell Wolves Hockey club and promo code WOLVESGUARD and receive 20% off your mouthguard fee*. (See end for terms and conditions).

Why get a custom mouthguard?

A custom mouthguard provides the safest and most secure protection for the teeth and mouth during contact sports (and especially during training!). A custom mouthguard is much more comfortable than a ‘boil and bite’ style option from sports shops and pharmacies. A comfortable mouthguard means it is much more likely to be worn… and in place when needed!

How do I care for my custom mouthguard?

The best way to look after a custom mouthguard from Chermside Family Dental is to store it in the case we give you. At the end of the match or training just rinse your mouthguard under cool tap water and let it dry in the case. Most importantly, don’t leave your custom mouthguard in the car or your hot sports bag as it might deform and be damaged! Keep it well away from pets too, they seem to like our mouthguards.

Getting your own custom mouthguard from Chermside Family Dental is easy. Call our reception staff on 3350 3530 to organise an appointment for a mould of the teeth. Choose your colour and your mouthguard will be ready in a week!

For more information or to make an appointment at Chermside Family Dental, call our team today on 3350 3530.

*20% off mouthguard fee will be applied to the ‘gap’ after private health fund contribution; if no health fund then 20% off the total fee. Discount valid until 28 April 2017. Mention promo code WOLVESGUARD to reception when booking.