The Seven Sporting Sins: the Cost of Sports Drinks

Dental Health week is coming up so we thought we could give some information about an issue we are seeing a lot of lately in adults and children: Sports Drinks.

Most people will have a sports drink because they taste good and the idea of fast hydration, electrolytes and a performance boost makes these drinks seem like a great idea… right?

Unfortunately for your teeth, frequent consumption of these drinks tend to do more harm than good. Sports drinks present the triple whammy: acidic, high in sugar, and usually sipped on frequently rather than gulped down all at once. This combination makes a potent cocktail for your teeth as they are exposed to an acidic and sugary mix for an extended period of time. Frequent use of these products will contribute to tooth erosion, increase the chance of tooth decay and sensitivity.

A quick glance at a label will let you know if the products you are consuming contain sugar or acid. Sugar can be masqueraded as a ‘healthy’ ingredient, such as honey, rice syrup, or even ‘organic dehydrated cane juice’, and whilst these may sound wholesome they are still sugar and will still cause decay if consumed frequently. Choose a product that is low in sugar content.


Some tips to help reduce your risk:

  • Avoid swishing sports drinks and intra-workout drinks in your mouth.
  • Using a straw helps reduce the damage from harmful drinks.
  • Keep hydrated by sipping on tap water before, during and after exercise.
  • Have a chat to your dentist about your training and nutrition regime – with regular dental review we can detect early damage and offer preventative advice.

If you’ve got questions about your dental health, perhaps we can help you. Chermside Family Dental is a local practice with a proud tradition of dental care to families in the area. We are also preferred providers for Medibank Private, BUPA and HCF funds.

Dental Health Week is on during August and is run by the Australian Dental Assocation. The Dental Health Week Website is a great source of information.