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Sports drinks supplements: lean, quick recovery and tooth erosion! What’s your workout supplement doing for you? Chermside Family Dental

Lately it’s popular to use sport supplements like pre- and intra-work out drinks to achieve a fit, strong and lean physique. But have you considered what is really in these drinks?

Many of of these pre- and intra- workout drinks make a myriad of claims about their wonders for your body and recovery. But how well have these claims been tested?

Intra-workout supplements are often overlooked as a potential cause of tooth erosion, however the combination of acidic ingredients and the fact that people sip frequently on these over a training session makes them a potentially destructive cocktail for your teeth. If you really are conscious of your health you need to be aware that these products contain acidic preservatives which will cause irreversible damage to your teeth if used frequently.

Don’t panic, not all gym supplements are bad for your teeth. The real danger is how frequently some of them are consumed, especially if they contain sugar, caffeine or acids.

Your number one tip when buying sport supplements:

Products that contain ingredients like citric acid (food numbers 330 or 331) or ascorbic acid (food number 300) are acidic! Preservatives that end in the letters ‘ate’ like sorbate can also be assumed to be acidic!

There are ways sports supplements can be used without compromising your dental health. Frequent sips of tap water during and after your training session reduces the erosive potential of these drinks. Using a fluoridated toothpaste is most important to strengthen your teeth. If you’re concerned about the effect of sports supplements on your teeth, discuss this with your dentist when you are next at Chermside Family Dental.

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