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Chermside Family Dental

Your dental health. Our commitment

At Chermside Family Dental we are committed to helping you maintain your smile. Our dentists have a long history of providing gentle, professional and honest dental care. We strive to provide the you and your family with the best dental care.

Our dentists enjoy treating children. Let us help your child keep their healthy smile for life.


Missing teeth? Dentures provide an effective, discrete option for restoring your smile and function. Making a denture can take a few appointments as our dentists work closely with our local dental laboratory to make your denture.

Quality dental care

Our experienced Brisbane dentists provide a full range of general dental care for young children, teenagers, adults and seniors.

  • General checkups
  • Crowns and veneers
  • Dentures
  • Mouthguards
  • Root canal treatments (Endodontic treatment)
  • Tooth whitening
  • Children’s dentistry

A root canal treatment can be necessary when the nerve of your tooth becomes infected, resulting in toothache. A root canal treatment removes the pulp and we place a filling material within the canals of the tooth to fix the toothache and keep the tooth in its place. This process usually takes a few appointments. Afterward the root canal treatment, you tooth will need a filling or often a crown to allow you to use the tooth normally. At Chermside Family Dental we will help you decide whether a filling or crown is best for your tooth after a root canal treatment.

Your comfort. Your safety

At Chermside Family Dental we appreciate how technology can allow us to provide a higher standard of care, more safely and with greater efficiency. We aim to incorporate new technology that will allow us to provide optimal care for you but without needing to increase our fees.

For your peace of mind we are Accredited with the national Dental Practice Accreditation Scheme. This voluntary scheme supports our dedication to your safety and our recognition of your rights and privacy. More information on Accreditation is available here.

Crowns and veneers

Crowns and Veneers are ways of restoring your smile with a strong and aesthetic material. You might find that some dentists get the crowns fabricated overseas. At our practice we ensure our technicians are based locally so that we can be sure of the strength and suitability of the treatment that we recommend for you. We are fortunate to work with a great dental technician in Brisbane. Crowns may be made from a highly aesthetic all ceramic material which is very strong, or may have a underlying metal framework with porcelain overlying this for an aesthetic result.

When a crown or veneer may be beneficial for you:
  • Appearance improvement: badly discoloured or misshapen teeth can be rejuvenated with a crown to improve your smile.
  • Strengthen a cracked tooth to prevent crack lines progressing further.
  • Relieve the sensitivity of a cracked tooth.
  • Situations when a filling isn’t suitable for the tooth – this could be due to the size of the filling required.
  • You’ll find that the surface of the crown will be smooth and easy to clean.